The following links have been provided by members who feel these sites might be of interest to others within the
Association as either sources of supplies, or of information about basketweaving. Their inclusion on this site
DOES NOT reflect an endorsement of any kind by the GBA.

John C. Campbell Folk School

William Holland School of Lapidary Arts

Gratiot Lake Basketry

Gina's Baskets

Susi Nuss site at

XYZ Basket Works

Royalwood Ltd.

Baskets of Joy

H. H. Perkins Co.

O'Brian Trawick Woodcrafts

Laniappe Weavers (Linda Sura)

The Basket House

Willowe's Basketry, Inc.

The Country Seat

The Wicker Woman/Cathryn Peters

Feix Family Baskets

Nate's Nantuckets

Fletcher Farm School for Arts and Crafts

Just Patterns Magazine

Cherilyn Braun Basketweaving

Baskets My Specialty - Pati English

Earth Guild: Tools, Materials and Books for Handcrafts

Suzanne Moore's N.C. Basket Works

August Moon Basketry



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